90 Southside Avenue Suite 225
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

P. (828) 254.3525 | F. (828) 254.0792


Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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A commitment to exceptional care.

We are an independent, therapist-owned clinic offering one-on-one care with a commitment to exceptional care and service. We provide comprehensive physical therapy services with specialization in the assessment and treatment of joint, muscle, bone and soft tissue conditions. We have a strong emphasis on manual therapy and employ many different hands-on treatment techniques. We offer a wide array of physical therapy services, including orthopedic and sports-related injuries and pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, fall prevention and balance dysfunction.


Our Staff

All of our clinicians have extensive post-graduate training in the management of orthopedic and sport-related conditions, with an emphasis on manual therapy.


We offer "musculoskeletal checkups"

You go to the doctor for your annual check up, now you can see your physical therapist for your annual muscle and joint check-up. We offer evaluations for the purpose of helping you to stay mobile and strong; to identify muscle imbalances, areas of injury or pain risk, and work with you to develop a fitness program oriented to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you stay well, rather than waiting until you need treatment.