Thousands of happy patients; just a few successes below

“Thanks for your compassion, expertise, humor, professionalism, and wonder-working.”

Shanti McKinney

” I greatly appreciate being given tools to aid in continuing my daily physical work (landscaping, etc.).”


Elaine Gordon

” Annette really knows her business and is good at communicating what needs to be worked on, how and why.  I was glad to find a therapist who understood the problem of scoliosis in an older person and was able to give me exercises that helped.”


Brenda Hillyer

” Best medical experience I’ve ever had.  Both Shawn and Michael were extremely helpful and my healing was amazing.” Jill Gottenstrater


Jill Gottenstrater

“Michael and Angel were GREAT!  So appreciate and grateful to be pain-free again!!”

Jessica Stratton

” I think I would never have regained full range of motion without Amira’s guidance.  She clarified written post-op instructions and guided me in increasing exercise intensity.  My sessions gave me hope for progress instead of focusing on possible limitations.  The office staff was always helpful and pleasant. My sincere thanks to all of you.”

Linda Rowe

“My treatment made a huge difference and not only in helping with the whiplash from the car accident but also in improving pain and tension in my while spine from spinal stenosis and arthritis. Easy and effective; couldn’t have been better.”


Bette Jore

“Had tried other therapies, acupuncture, massage therapy to deal with shoulder pain and nothing had much impact. Amira has made all the difference.  Thanks. ”


Ken Kelly

“Exceeded my expectations. Tremendous improvement for a condition that existed for months. Really like the text appointment reminders.”


Dennis White

“Angel does a great job listening and explaining. She regularly comes up with ways to demonstrate what she’s explaining and gives examples. Office staff were always courteous and helpful. ”


Charles Spencer

“Overall care was great, progressed very rapidly.”

Gayle Cole

“I am more than satisfied with the care I received and impressed by the professional knowledge of the staff.”


Koystyna Hanser

“Thanks to Mike for his professionalism and expertise.  I enjoyed working with him (& with Michael for one session).  Everyone in the practice was friendly & helpful.”

Peggy Denny

“Shawn and Michael were very patient with me, thoroughly explaining exercises and making sure I knew how to do them correctly before leaving after each visit. Everyone else is the office was very friendly and helpful.  If I ever need PT again I would return without hesitation.”

Phyllis Benbow

“Angel and Michael were so good in helping me.  Were very professional in everything. Greatly appreciated my sessions with them.”

Susan Curtis

“This is my first time with a Physical Therapist. Shawn was great! Took lots of time to answer my questions. And I loved it when he massaged my wrist!”

Elizabeth Pavka

“Mountain Physical Therapy has been a life saver for me many times. They have helped me through car accident injuries more than once! And they are always courteous, caring and most helpful. They are people who truly care about people! I would, and do, recommend them to everyone!”

Karen Stanley

I am so thankful for my experience at Mountain Physical Therapy.  I came in pain and am leaving with a new outlook on my life.  Angel and Michael were encouraging and non-judgmental and were exactly the 2 therapists I needed.  Thank you for helping me become a healthier person!

Sue Banks

“Everyone in the office is so helpful and knowledgeable. My therapists/ practitioners truly listened to my issues and needs and if an exercise was uncomfortable or didn’t feel like it was helping me progress, they were so understanding and quick to come up with alternatives. And the support staff for billing and scheduling were always responsive, helpful and inviting that each visit was something I looked forward to! “

Melissa Wiklinski

“Excellent care, thanks so much! Everyone has been the best! Shawn and Michael are amazing and Randi is terrific.”

Robin May

“Thank you so much for the spectacular care, attention and dedication.”

Beatrice Kelemen

“Thanks for all your help.”

Gene Arnold

“Thank you Amira.”

Dede Keasler

“All therapists were very kind and complimented one another.”

Susie D.

“Love you all – wonderful care!”

Lou Towson

“I am so grateful for our loving, professional care. I feel like anew person now.”

Joyce Metayer

“Amira is the best! She accomplished more than I had hoped for- great facility.”

Elizabeth Sims

“A 4-Star operation!”

Johanna Rackley

“The staff was very nice and I felt welcome.” – Matthew Eure

Matthew Eure

“Entire staff was great & I am so much better. Thank you all!”

Terry Powell

“Thanks for your support in enabling me to have a better lifestyle with less pain.”

Hazel Deaver

“Each visit was a pleasant one. The therapists and staff feel like friends.”

Lois Dawson

“Very thorough and comprehensive approach to my back issue. Excellent progressive approach from relieving pain to building strength. Great willingness to be a part of broad approach to care, with trainer and chiropractor. Thanks so much!”

Justin Fleer

“Shawn is an exceptional PT – responsive, clear, helpful and personable. He really stuck with me and got great results. I love the office staff – am always cheerfully greeted!”

Angie Flynn-McIver

“Thank you so much for all the help! The only place I will go for PT!!! Thanks again to all the staff.”

Grady Bradshaw

“Lovely people, excellent results. I’m delighted with the whole experience.”

Caroline Levi

“My experience with Shawn and Michael spans several months. They worked together to successfully treat my shoulder after two surgeries. I can move now! All the Mountain staff have been great, competent, professional, kind, humorous…what more could you ask for? I’ll miss you guys. Thanks for making me whole again!”

Lydia Paddock

“I felt that both Shawn and Michael were very personable, knowledgeable, thorough and caring! I could not have asked for more.”

Barbara Brennan

“Amira is a miracle worker!”

Stephy Citron

“I am very pleased with the staff of this facility. Everyone is pleasant and professional. The treatment is excellent and I feel this was the best treatment I have ever received in all of my 67 years. Thank you all!”

George Ayers

“Great care and persistence for long-term improvement! Thank you!”

Sybil Argintar

“Very clear instruction and very good care!”

M. Karin Scanlon

“Have made periodic visits to Mountain Physical Therapy since 1998 and have had an overall great experience on every level with every staff member.”

Frank Kracher

“My experience with Shawn and Michael is outstanding. I feel much better from the PT sessions. Both of them worked with me to set and meet goals that were reasonable and attainable. I left therapy with a better ability to use the information in daily life to feel better and prevent injury and reverse old habits.”

Marne Rogers

I had no idea that consistent, simple exercises could make such a difference.”

Bonnie Reidhead

“Mountain Physical Therapy is the greatest. The staff and the therapist/practioners are wonderful and are always striving to better your quality of life thru better movement and posture. They are amazing and I love them!”

Tameka Crudup

“Therapist explains construction of spine and nerves with supporting muscles such that you understand sources of pain and purpose of assigned exercises.”

Bonnie Schell

“Love you guys!”

Vivian Smith

“Shawn and Michael were kind, gentle and explained clearly the purpose for each exercise, etc.”

Lois Dawson

“The staff at Mountain Physical Therapy is warm, friendly and professional. In consideration of my small problem, Amira and Michael gave me important insight into the way my body moves and how to maintain a healthy body position while crafting my paper. Thank you! Thank you!”

Pamela Granger Gale

“Thanks so much for your caring and comprehensive treatment!”

Violet Rickey

“Everyone was very helpful and explained treatment and expected outcomes. I would recommend to anyone needing treatments to look into MPTS.”

Veronica Lindsey

“Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I’ve had a great experience—thank you!”

Alice Kexel

“All the staff was so friendly and helpful! I will definitely be referring my friend and family.”

Maggie Caswell

“Thank you so much ~ I feel like I have the tools to make myself stronger and prevent future pain and injury Shawn was very helpful and receptive/responsive to my opinions and needs. He was very informative about treatment and very nice to work with. I would come back and recommend him to others. The office staff was very nice and professional.”

Jessie Shires

“The staff out front is very friendly and helpful. Professional therapists are very knowledgeable and kind. I am so happy to be without pain and aggravation that I had when I first came. Thanks again everyone.”

Charlotte Scuorzo

“I came as a last option hoping for some pain relief. I couldn’t be more pleased at the improvement. A new lease on life. Thanks.”

Tom Adelbach

“I do not hope to have to come back….but if so, this is the place to go!”

Georg Pilz

“I’m really glad to have gotten to know the staff here. They always made my visits enjoyable and fun.”

Caroline Jockovich

“The staff has been wonderful. My visits have been very pleasant. I would highly recommend!”

Annette Pace

“My time here has been exceptional. Office staff very professional and caring. Pt’s very knowledgeable ~ they know their stuff. Very pleased with recovery time and helpful advice provided throughout treatment.”

Frank Pomeroy

“In physical therapy due to smashed right elbow, 5 pins. When I started physical therapy, could not move arm in any direction. My therapist worked me hard and diligently. Not easy but necessary to regain use of right arm. When “graduated” from physical therapy, I could extend arm and bring back to shoulder and turn arm from one side to another. All this from initial rigid mobility.”

Mary Gardiner

“Hey! I found the perfect therapist for me.”

Charlie Dunlop

“Thank you so much for making me feel better. Megan and Michael are wonderful therapists! They are very in tune with what the body needs and create easy exercises to heal the body’s issues.”

Mary Eliza McRae

“Very pleased with the therapy I received. I have recommended this facility to friends.”

Alice McCrum

“You are the best! I refer everyone to you!”

Inge Durre

“I’m very grateful for the therapy that has eliminated my neck and head pain and impressed by every member of your staff. Thank you all very much.”

Karen Leonard

“You are “the best of the best” Thank you so much.”

Cherie Behrens

“Thank you to everyone at Mountain PT! The atmosphere and care given is just what I needed to recover from surgery and get back into an active lifestyle. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and Amira is full of endless encouragement and ability to teach patients how to operate through recovery. Many thanks!”

Leah McDowell

“Shawn is great at his job. Patience, persistence, will to address peripheral problems. Great job zeroing in on root cause of problem.”

Bonnie Snyder

“I came to therapy thinking I would need surgery on my knee due to an injury 3 months ago. After only 3 visits my knee is pain free. You guys are incredible!!! Thanks so much!!”

Keith Gunter

“Thanks!! Wouldn’t go to another therapist or PT facility.”

Woolie Wisham

“Amira is truly professional, knowledgeable of problem and treatment and realistic about outcome.”

Phyllis Tryon

“Many thanks for the help. I’ve been recommending you to my friends.”

Carol Koury

“I always looked forward to coming to my appointments. The staff and Shawn were like seeing old friends. They were always very kind and welcoming. Being discharged is bittersweet.”

Teresa Hughey

“Coming in I didn’t really expect much change/improvement in my back and shoulder pain. I am really surprised at the improvement. I appreciate the information/education provided that allows me to correct my posture and do exercises to provide long-term benefits. The office staff and Shawn were friendly and professional and this has been a very good experience. Thank you Shawn.”

Kendall Wright

“Shawn not only provided excellent professional care ~ giving great exercises and the reasons for them~ but also answered all my questions. He is a good listener as well as paying attention to my personal needs in adjusting certain exercises/stretches to fit me. Finally he is a caring person and therapist and demonstrated many times his investment in my recovery and passion for his work. I never anticipated I would progress experience the progress I’ve made.”

Jane Mitchell

“Amira was great to work with. I enjoyed the sessions! I learned a lot and she made the process fun.”

Telle King

“I’ve recommended Mountain Physical Therapy to many since my own results have been so positive.”

Melissa Moss

“The staff is always friendly and professional. I could not have asked for a better therapist than Amira. She is knowledgeable, able to clearly define the problem, give exercises that help outside of appointments, and is a great motivator.”

Jean Randolph

“Prior PT on my back with another group was not helpful so was not really encouraged when my personal physician recommended PT for my shoulder. Happy to say feeling much better ~ thanks.”

Cynthia Dunn

“Very personal and adapted to my situation. Got a lot of help in conducting everyday bending, sitting, etc. Extremely professional and helpful.”

Carolyn Otten

“The atmosphere of the office and other areas of the treatment program were relaxed and friendly. The therapists were patient and very helpful. The experience was educational and pleasurable for me.”

Barbara Marvels

“Always looked forward to coming in for therapy. Enjoyed Shawn very much.”

Denise Smith

“I love Mtn Pt~ you all have been great guides through my journey with my back and have let me feel prepared for my new pregnancy. I feel so cared for here and Amira is a practitioner I trust just like family.”

Kara Albrecht

“Shawn helped me change years of bad habits in one month! Thank you.”

Hannah Lee

“All of the staff is very caring and understanding. Thank you much.”

Lawrence Fryman

“Amira is a miracle worker!”

Beverly Cutter

“Staff was consistently pleasant and helpful. I never spent more than 5 minutes in the waiting room. Shawn was incredible~ professional, knowledgeable and I never felt rushed. His care was thorough and I feel well prepared to take care of my back and prevent further injury. I never needed to contact the office for an emergency but I felt confident my call would be welcomed if I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jessie Shires

“I can honestly say that after years of pain and having gone to other therapists, I feel wonderful and almost pain free due to the excellent care provided by Amira and Michael. They are not only talented therapists but talented teachers.”

Vivian Smith

“The level and quality of care at Mountain physical Therapy is far superior to other treatment centers I have tried in Asheville. Everyone on staff is professional and caring. Amira Ranney is amazing!”

Kathy Wilson

“Everyone here is very friendly and willing to help on any way. Thank all of you so much.”

Doris Haney

“Thank you so much! I am so glad I can do day to day activities without pain.”

Jackie Quayle

“I can’t think of a negative comment. Amira is wonderful, the office staff is very helpful ~ and most of all, physical therapy has definitely helped.”

Gwin Jones

“Keep up the outstanding work.  I’m a huge fan of MPT – you guys have helped me in myriad situations.  I look forward to a long and happy time working together.”


Alice LeMaistre

“Michael Root is a delight!”


Barbara Kopelman

“My gratitude to Angel and Michael is immense! They encouraged me, had patience with me, and gave me tools to become a healthier person. Life is Good.”


Sue Banks

“Everyone here is awesome! Thank you so much. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to improve my back pain and you all have a very thorough understanding of body mechanisms and how to fix me.”


Nona Wilson

“I loved coming here, everybody was very friendly and when I couldn’t make my first appointment time I got another one.  Very happy with coming here.”


Victoria Borum

“My therapists have been very helpful and have given me good exercises to strengthen and improve my balance.”


Sally Rhodes

“This is my 2nd time with this therapy practice.  I worked with both Michael R & Michael A.  They are both wonderful and provide excellent care.  Michael R. is awesome!  Took me from a great deal of pain to manageable.  He is kind, patient and compassionate.  Michael very encouraging and always pushed me a little (which is a good thing!)  Thank you all.”

Nancy Larkin

“Staff very pleasant- front desk scheduling appointments was very professional. Therapists know exactly which exercises. I have had lots of therapy in other places. There is no comparison with this office to others. Great staff and service!”

Jewel Sanford

“Entire staff was great & I am so much better. Thank you all!”

Terry Powell

“Thanks for taking care of me. I felt that everyone cared about me personally. Not in a rush to get therapy session over with.”


Patty Couch

“I love you guys. The level of care, warmth, and professionalism are unparalleled.”

Angie Flynn-McIver

“As a result of Shawn’s therapy, I now have more flexibility in my back than I’ve had in 30 years. I highly recommend Mountain Physical Therapy.”


Donna McKee

“Thanks for your support in enabling me to have a better lifestyle with less pain.”

Elaine Benjamin

“Variety of exercises was refreshing! Breakthrough! Directive to engage abdominal muscles when doing exercises. Thank you Amira, Michael, Tyler & Randi.  A most fine “care unit”!

Judy Rex

“This office is a god send!! I finally found a PT who has the tools to help me work through my foot issues. Thank you Amira.”

Juliet Winston

“The only place I’ve been that diagnosed correctly my back problem and gave home exercises that relieved the problem.”

Ted Dills

“Much improved overall, stronger with better range of motion. Pain decreased considerably.”

Kay Galvin

“I’ve had wonderful and very attentive care. I would definitely recommend you to all.”

Eileen Walkenstein

“Both young men were awesome! So helpful and thorough.”

Nora Tomberlin

“Amira is an excellent practitioner.”

Bill Lang

“Love everyone and everything about this place. Helped me get over vertigo!!”

Nancye Buelow

“The knowledge and ability to diagnose physical limitations is astounding. Problems I didn’t even know I had were addressed. My quality of life has been improved. It is peace of mind knowing I have some where to turn if/when I am in pain again.”

Jennifer Key

“Second time I have been here; both times I referred myself and feel that the therapists are knowledgeable and give you their undivided attention and are supportive and want to get you better. It is a team approach between you and a therapist.”

Small group. Very personal attention. Caring staff and professional experts.”

Vinnie Falcetta

“Great friendly staff that shows they truly care about the health of their patients.”

Adam Kirk

“You are all wonderful, caring people! I know where you are and will be back when needed or maybe just a “tune up.”

Linda Spangler

“Secretarial staff is respectful, helpful and professional. Physical therapists are skillful and professional. I obtained excellent relief of sciatica. I improved strength and flexibility and I have a good plan of exercises to prevent back pain. Thank you.”

Terry Clark

“It was a great healing experience! Good moral support and positivity. Respect for what a person wants to be able to achieve with their physical therapy goals.”

Jean Ann Marshall

“Thank you Shawn. It was a pleasure to work with you! I love Randi too ~ she’s great.”

Fyffe Aschenbrenner

“Very friendly and helpful staff ~ physical therapist, physical therapy assistant and front desk.”

Beth Pilz

“Thank you for wonderful care and a great staff.”

Joan Gold

“I have worked with several therapists here over the years and have always been very happy with the results. The staff is wonderful – I consider them friends. Shawn has been a joy to know. I have recommended MPT to lots of friends.”

Julia Coward

“Very pleased with the care and advice of therapist. Office personnel were very helpful and courteous.”

James Wooten

“I really appreciate all the help with having my young son with me during my appointments. I wouldn’t have been able to come and receive such great treatment if it weren’t for that. Thanks!!

Erin Huizen

“I am really impressed with how helpful Shawn was with helping me change some habits, incorporate some regular exercises and take away the pain I was experiencing. I feel great!”

Sandra McCassim

“Mountain PT has the healing touch! Their compassionate therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and kind!”

Miah McClinton

“After headaches 3-6x per week for two years, I now have had a reduction of headaches to 1 headache over the past four months. Improved sleep as well.”

Matt Goddard

“Excellent care -have already recommended to others.”

Richard Kowal

“Shawn is very knowledgeable in his field and is also professional in his sessions but incorporates a sense of humor which makes the visits more pleasant and fun. The staff is also very friendly and engaging. This is a great office!”

Kim Wilkie

“Having been here for other PT, I knew everything would be great ~and it was! Thank you.”

Matthew Restivo

“Shawn is totally the best! Gave me so much relief and it didn’t hurt me to do so. Thanks to all.”

Madalyn Benn

“Thanks for all of your help. I do appreciate you guys~ all of you!”

Chris Lambrecht

“Courteous, professional, concerned, personal. I’ve not encountered a complete staff like this before.”


“I actually enjoyed meeting everyone, and even the treatments and stretches. I never thought I’d be pain-free again. I have learned how to stay pain-free, and now it’s up to me. I’m so thankful!”

Betty Harvey

“Michael has been excellent to work with. He was very positive in his presentation and excellent at building a verbal picture of what my body should be doing (feeling) to accomplish each exercise successfully. I leave feeling that I now have the tools to achieve my physical goals of physical wellbeing and am motivated to use them.”

Susan Reynolds

“Obvious concern for my well-being and dedication to seeing my improvement were the hallmarks of Shawn’s treatment. This level of care encourages a patient to be as fully engaged and committed. Thank you.”

Valerie Hogstrom

“Very happy with my outcome. Very surprised at how quickly I saw results.”

Joan Cadle

“Thank you Amira! You really helped me understand why I am doing things.”

Ellen Nutter

“I have been so pleased with my physical therapy here. The staff is wonderful. Amira has helped me so much with my very specific exercises and always was encouraging and positive. I appreciate that she would answer all my questions and concerns. She is great. I highly recommend Amira and this clinic!”

Joanne Lazar

“Excellent group of people to work with~ very informative and always ready to make it easier for me.”

Kathie Doole

“Coming here has been so good for me. My physical ability and confidence have improved greatly. All the staff are friendly and great to work with.”

Donna Miseyko

“Staff was very nice and friendly. Shawn was great! Did wonders for me.”

Wanda Coats

“Kate is fantastic! I am so thankful for her skills and time. I feel transformed and well prepared to continue to improve and maintain my strength.”

Cathy Fodi

“Thank you Amira! I so appreciate your therapeutic work with my foot and neck. I am feeling so much better.”

Molly Mills

“The staff has been friendly and professional. Shawn did an exceptional job removing my neck and shoulder pain and giving me the information I need for continued improvement. Thank you so much!! I will recommend your services to friends and family.”

Jill Brackins

I was very impressed by my therapist’s knowledge of all the elements involved in balance and the application of specific exercises to accomplish goals for improved balance.”

Donna Elwood

“Shawn Babcock was my primary therapist and was terrific. During therapy I spent a couple of months out of state and the therapy at that location were not nearly as helpful. I really appreciated the one on one approach.”

David Sikes

“I am so pleased with the care given to me by Amira. She has helped me so much to regain motion and strength in my arm/shoulder. She has a lot of patience and is always positive and encouraging. This is a great place and I will pass the work. Everyone in the office has been great.”

Joanne Lazar

“The service provided by the staff has become an integral part of me maintain strength and eliminating pain. The level of professionalism and personal care is beyond my expectations.”

Vincent Devore

“Most professional ~ pleasant place to be!”

Gail Rosenthal

“I find the staff at Mountain Physical Therapy very skilled, friendly and cooperative. The physical therapy enables me to have an active lifestyle.”

Hazel Deaver

“Amira is a good therapist. She is a compassionate listener and provided me with great insight into my pain and suggested great exercises!”

Summer Zachary

“I particularly appreciated the phone calls reminding me of appointments and scheduling around my tight schedule. Mountain Physical Therapy was a great place to come for increased knowledge about my body and improved understanding about how to strengthen and support my body after an injury. I appreciate the patience support and encouragement I received from my therapist and am deeply grateful for the improvement I have made and believe I will continue to make. Thanks!”

Kim Christman

“Excellent, fabulous, wonderful. Y’all rock!”

Brantlee Eisenman

“I have referred a patient to you already.”

Kim Cathers

“The difference from beginning to end is like night and day. I feel comfortable being active for the first time in a year and a half. Thank you very, very much.”

Joel McGhee

“Thanks so much for “curing” me ~ I feel great!”

Laurie Chess

“Everyone was really nice. Thanks so much for working with me. I wont forget you at Christmas.”

Tim P.

“Everyone is very courteous. Had my interests in mind.”

Franklin Hamilton

“Thanks! I have always appreciated the professionalism of your staff and their positive attitudes.”

Joan Hoffman

“Great experience, very efficient and professional. Shawn listened to my issues and so helpful in diagnosing and offering solutions to my neck pain and chronic back pain.”

Sarah Kenton

“I appreciate getting the diagnosis and therapy. I feel so much better now. My therapist encouraged me every step of the way. I will continue to do the exercises at home.”

Tommie P Brown

“Over the course of therapy, I have had significant improvement in the frequency and severity of my headaches. The therapy has been very successful.”

Karen Leonard

“In only 5 visits my neck pain/stiffness were almost non-existent. Shawn worked with me on correcting posture and exercises to loosen very tight muscles. He was very informative, professional and caring. What a difference I feel both physically and mentally. All staff are great.”

Vickki Burke

“I have had a wonderful experience here and very much appreciate all the help! Shawn has me back racing and I couldn’t be happier.”

Misty Miller

“Appreciated the thoughtful consideration of the many components that played into my chief complaint and flexibility in revising the plan to meet new goals.”

Tamara Ball

“Incredible care and help. Every question I had was answered and was specifically helped for my condition.”

Alex Faber

“Very satisfied with this practice. Will come back again in the future if need be. Staff ~ wonderful people.”

Ericka Goode

“Great experience and wonderful help with my shoulder pain.”

Sheila Carter

“Excellent care. You all have made a world of difference in my physical condition. I would recommend you highly to anyone in need of a Physical Therapist.”

Nat Scheckler

“I am grateful.”

T. Garvice Murphree

“Everyone is kind, listens well and Amira is the best!”

Judy Leavitt

“Great team from start to finish.”

Joshua Abrams

“Fantastic office staff ~ very personable and genuinely caring!”

Gary Stevens

“Felt that course of treatment has greatly improved my functional capacity, reduced my pain and enabled me to do the things I enjoy again.”

Valerie Benoy

“You guys are AWESOME! Got the tools necessary for self care/repair. The numbness is all gone. You gave me good understanding of how the shoulder joint works, so I can better manage the use, and not create pain.”

Shirley Thobe

“Very informed and caring staff, each person. It felt like I had a team of best friends in my corner. And I saw other clients being given the same personal, respectful relationship. Expert instruction and education. I knew I would succeed on the first day – I was motivated, staff and therapists were teaching and supporting me.”

Danielle Cook-Riley

“Superb treatment and welcoming staff.”

Mel Keiser

“I am very happy with my results. I wouldn’t have thought that I could ever be out of pain like I am now. I was always treated well and welcomed with smiles.”


Teresa Hughey

“Very informed and caring staff, each person. It felt like I had a team of best friends in my corner. And I saw other clients being given the same personal, respectful relationship. Expert instruction and education. I knew I would succeed on the first day – I was motivated, staff and therapists were teaching and supporting me.”

Danielle Cook-Riley

“All staff – front and back- are cheerful, respectful, enjoyable ~ a pleasure to visit!  I appreciate Shawn’s detailed explanations and willingness to explain further when my body awareness just doesn’t “get it.”  Thanks!  (see you next time 🙂 )


Majorie Ulin

“The physical therapy and care I received here has been extremely effective in reducing pain (in the hip area).  After my primary physician’s referral I was a bit skeptical and reluctant to follow through, but I have four appointments and am much improved with respect to pain level, mobility, and knowledge. Mike Root has not only provided effective therapy but has also provided me with knowledge of cause/effect as well as home exercises and tools that help for the duration.”


Janice Nash

“Incredibly helpful and friendly.”


Andrew Plaisance

“Service and treatment were great! I actually looked forward to my sessions.”


Ross Sloan

“Location is central and very convenient.  I love the later evening option due to my work hours.  Angel, my PT, was always attentive and patient with me as I worked through each exercise and movement.  My condition is very much improved since beginning treatment.  I plan to continue basic exercises as suggested upon discharge.  Office staff, Tyler, was so considerate – even offering an umbrella during an afternoon downpour as I was leaving.”


Kaye Lamb

“Mike was very professional and was amazing getting my neck back to normal!”


Emily Thomas

“An excellent facility in every way – no complaints at all. The staff is wonderful and very thorough from beginning to the last day.  Michael Root is the best? I was very please with all he did to help me get better!  Thank you Michael!”


Melinda Henderson

“I am so pleased with my treatment here!  I have already recommended your services to friends. Amira is remarkable!”

Linda Holt

“I’ve never had any physical therapy before, so I had no idea what to expect. My experience has been downright pleasant. I’m glad I did it and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.”

Charlotte Hutchison

“Angel was very knowledgeable, patient and kind.”


Maribeth Hockey

“This was my first experience with PT. I was very impressed with the professional atmosphere of the whole office and expertise of Amira! Thank you all.”

Lucy Bennet

“This was my first experience w a P.T. Angel was great; courteous, concerned, knowledgeable, friendly.”

Dolores Wamack

“The staff was very nice and I felt welcome.”

Matthew Eure

“Truly appreciated the knowledge of Shawn & Michael. Helpful to have choices for exercises to maintain self. “

Priscilla Whitney

“Thorough, gentle, yet motivating therapy. I appreciate Shawn’s willingness to find answers to the whole picture not just the loudest problem. Thank you again.”

Rebecca Tucker

A 4-Star operation!

Johanna Rackley

I received excellent, postivie and professional care from the first phone call (to make an appointment) through all my appointments for treatment.  The ongoing encouragement in the office and the kindness helped immeasurably in my recovery.”

Mary T.

“As usual – helpful, caring and builds patient’s strength, lowers pain level and ability to reach successful resolution with confidence. And all the staff are wonderful!”

Eileen Newmark

“Very knowledgeable PT & PTA- great treatment methods. Always felt I was in good hands no matter who was treating me. I will return in the fall after my surgery.”

Beth Fiore Kral

“This is a well-run, efficient, friendly, magnificent facility. They’ll work ya!.”

Andrea Amburgey

“Wonderful results – pain & swelling decreased, range of motion increased, treatment plan for home exercises and recommendations for community services/programs to work on strength and balance.”

Mary Hughenschmidt

“I appreciate the support I received as to what my body needs and how to change my life to live with the highest quality.”

Katherine Blackburn

“I’m so grateful for the physical care that I received that assisted my healing. Alongside the medical expertise, each of the staff/PTs showed care and tons of humanity that ministered to my spirit as well. What a fine group of folks! Thank you!”

Morgen Yeakley

“This practice rocks and has helped me so much through recovery. Shawn and Michael are the BOMB!”

Lauren Zaloshinsky

“The staff was very personable and focused on the target area while making it fun. The exercises really helped strengthen the target areas. My time at the gym definitely increased after PT.”

Stefanie Effler

“I have had physical therapy in the past, never with the personal one-on-one attention and hands-on care. Mountain PT gives high-touch low –tech care that gets results. They prescribe follow-up exercises you can do at home with no expensive gym equipment. They came highly recommended and exceeded their reputation. I also love the book exchange!”

Justine Clegg

“Being seen only 2 days after inquiry was greatly appreciated.”

Don Horsewood

“Thanks! My jaw injury feels manageable now!”

Grace Loveland

“Much improved mobility.”

Caroline M

“Fabulous care really identifies source of problem(s) and creates specialized and effective treatment plan.”

Beverly Cutter

“I had my doubts at first, but I am very satisfied with the progress made in a fairly short time.”

Forrest Greene

“Thanks to all! Excellent job. Genuine interest. Above and beyond expectations.”

Karen Hoffman

“Treatment and exercise plan and instructions explained well. Thanks so much.”

Mary Edwards

“Always my “go to” choice when I need PT services.”

Wendy Bell

“What Shawn and Michael have done for me seems miraculous. I would live here if I could. My pain is reduced, my activity level increased. I would send everybody here as long as it didn’t get so crowded and I couldn’t get in. Thank you!”

Kathy F.

“I feel much more secure about going up and down stairs. Everyone in the office was friendly and helped a great deal with physical problems. The office atmosphere was great!”

Willie Vincent

“I have been treated here several times over the last few years and always received great benefit and always been very impressed by all the regular and medical staff.”

Elizabeth Kirk

“I was not sleeping (sciatica type pain 4am-9am) for 3 months. Within days I was sleeping. My core strength is no longer laughable. I’m really happy with the exercises and expect to keep at them. I feel great and am very grateful to Shawn and everyone. Thanks!”

Margaret Dahm

“Big thanks to Michael and Shawn for their patience with me!”

Susie Johnson

“I live in Henderson County but drove the distance because of great care.”

Maggie Whitmire

“Evaluation quickly identified my problems and treatment plan successfully corrected my issues.”

Becky Pitts

“Really enjoy coming here for therapy. Everyone is very nice. This is my second time coming to this facility for therapy and I would come again and definitely recommend to others!”

Terri Williams

“Thanks to all for excellent care and professional services.”

Kara Small

“Helpful, friendly staff. Always a pleasure to see those smiling faces!”

Julie McMillan

“Amira helped me enormously with hip and back pain. She is blessed with such wonderful talent to understand, diagnose and treat properly. She is a huge asset to our community. Thanks!”

Cynthia Alleman

“Once again, the clinicians here have helped me to get back to running again—thank you! Hopefully I won’t have the need to return, but if another injury occurs, Mountain Physical Therapy will be my first stop!”

Anne Lundblad

“Once again, I have been impressed with the care, attention and professionalism shown me by my therapists and the entire staff at MPT. My knees continue to get stronger, with much less pain, and my hips and gluts are stronger as well. One thing that has most impressed me is that no one has ever suggested age as a limiting factor to gaining strength and participating in sports and physical activities. I’ve only been offered encouragement to get strong enough to do what I want, and that’s great!”

Kathy Shaver

“First class all around!”

Don Miller

“Very knowledgeable about unique body structure and how to match with interests and athletic desires.”

Marie Graven

“Thank you for helping me improve my quality of life again!”

Imke Durre

“Thank you all for all your help and assistance. My best wishes to all of you.”

Peter Watkinson

“My therapy by Amira was very helpful and I feel that it may help me to avoid surgery.”

George Nicolas

“I am so thankful to the staff at Mountain Physical Therapy for taking personal interest in my care. I have been coming here for years and couldn’t comprehend going anywhere else for my needs. Even with insurance issues you still helped me when I needed it most. You’ll always be number one in my book. Thank you all and special thanks to Amira.”

Kathy Cannaday

“The injury I had was a life changing experience. I was really worried if I would be doing anything I used to. I felt very welcomed and there was a lot of care from everyone at every visit. I feel wonderful and thank you for your help. God bless.”

Angelia Moore

“Thank you for your patience and flexibility. Thanks for being motivators.”

Capuchina Taylor

“Many thanks to Shawn and Michael for all the excellent care and exercises.”

Jean Fesperman

“Friendly staff; like family. Good constructive sessions. Answered questions with good explanations. Sessions not rushed.”

Janet O'Kelley

“I am amazed at what my body can do now!”

Beverly Cutter

“Tremendous improvement ~ best I have felt in years.”

Elaine Benjamin

“Excellent therapy and customer service. Everyone is friendly and helpful and courteous. Great people. Will tell others how wonderful everyone is here!”

You-Ying Whipple

“These guys mended me and my relationship with Velvet, my 50lb black lab. I got my strength in my right shoulder back. I am strong enough to assure her obedience.”

Cherie Behrens

“Overall this facility and staff were excellent. Everyone was friendly and professional. Shawn was knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and thorough.”

Jim Reid

“I enjoyed coming here (as much as one can when dealing with pain.) I expect to return at least for massage.”

John Oravets

“The Physical Therapists I worked with guided me through specific exercises that helped me recover from an injury. As a result, I will move more fluidly and my knee will be better protected in the future. A huge thank you to all at Mountain Physical Therapy!”

Gail Wallace

” Very professional and the administrative staff was great.”

Vinnie Falcetta

“Absolutely the friendliest office full of people in town. Top notch care from the very first appointment. After my injury I was pretty nervous about the future but Shawn explained exactly what was going on and what I should expect in the future. Could not have asked for better care. Thank you Shawn and everyone at Mountain Physical Therapy.”

Eric Schlosser

“Extremely satisfied. Excellent diagnosis and the exercises worked. Recovered quickly.”

Bev Reddick

“Caring, encouraging, knowledgeable, professional therapists and staff ~ contributing to positive outcomes mentally and physically.”

Rita Lenderman

“Thank the Lord above for your timely intervention and instruction in getting me back to normal.”

Celeste Hall

“Very satisfied with therapy and professionalism.”

Dave Foster

“I really appreciate the care I received ~ it was helpful.”

Emily Gordon

“Everyone is so nice, so knowledgeable, and so helpful. They go out of their way to diagnose and treat.”

Harriet Miseyko

“Sean and Michael provided excellent professional therapy services to my son, Henry. The combination of their knowledge and explanations of what needed to be accomplished for Henry’s ankle to heal properly was right on! They connected with Henry on a personal level and this helped to motivate Henry to perform the exercises he needed. I am thrilled with the healing of Henry’s ankle and I give Sean and Michael full credit. Also, the staff was very kind and considerate. Randi and J.W. were always willing to help out with scheduling and re-scheduling when necessary. Thank you!”

Jane Ellis

“Accolades to the entire staff!! Compassionate and caring team.”

Charles Perkins

“I am amassed at the results of exercise; but you need to know how to exercise properly. I highly recommend Mountain Physical Therapy. They know their business. I was treated with kindness, respect and a sense that they really care about you; it is not just a job to them. We need more places like Mountain Physical Therapy. I’m so thankful I came here. I am so much better. Thank God, Mountain Physical Therapy and Shawn.”

Susie Metcalf

“Sean was super kind and everyone else seemed happy and helpful. I can’t thank y’all enough!”

Emily Green

“Therapists killed in identifying muscle problems, giving good exercises and doing manipulation. Most of exercises used can one can do at home. Also provided thorough explanations of what is happening with muscles and body. Therapists are very knowledgeable and related well with patients.”

Bev Reddick

“Amira Ranney is terrific: she is smart, respectful, challenging (appropriately so) and encouraging. Her work with me gives me confidence to keep working and I know my condition with continue to improve, as I get grow stronger. The office staffs also are smart, respectful, friendly and informative.”

Kathy Meacham

“All of the staff is nice and friendly. Enjoyed you all very much. Have a happy summer.”

Charles A Hensley

“Best ever~ 100% satisfied! Thanks to ALL!”

Eleanor Charlton

“Thank you Amira!!”

Shannon Hickey

“Superb treatment and welcoming staff.”

Mel Keiser

“Everyone at Mountain Physical Therapy has been great! I would highly recommend Mountain Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy. Shawn has been excellent. I have progressed amazingly since beginning of treatment.”

Rick Clark

“I was very satisfied with my whole experience and I thank one and all.”

Bobby Barnett

“I appreciate all the help and patience I was given and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and associates. Thank you all ~ I will miss you.”

Patricia Sanford

“I have learned so much to improve my ability to take care of my body!”

Debbie Duncan

“Staff and therapists were professional and kind.”

Joyce Birkenholz

“Very satisfied with whole experience.  Friendly supportive staff ~ excellent treatments.”

Mary Jo Brezny

“Shawn offered excellent care and support.  He has superb clinical and diagnostic skills as well as a warm, engaging and encouraging manner.  I have complete confidence in his professionalism and will happily refer anyone who might benefit from the McKenzie method. Thank you!”

Martina Barnes

“Superior care with outstanding results!”

Lenore Baum

“Thanks everyone so much, this has been my best, most helpful, and most pleasant physical therapy experience to date.”

Stephan Clark Waters, Jr.

“Everyone was extremely pleasant.  Did not feel like I was just a patient or a number, but a friend.  Enjoyed the entire experience.”


Ron Dvoretz

“The absolute best treatment available!”


Rufus Whitmire

“Love you all!”


Rebecca McKelvy

“I’m amazed at how good my neck and shoulder feel. I love understanding how to move through the world, at the gym, etc. What a difference. YIPEE Shawn and Michael!”


Beth Bertram

“Very pleased with the help I received, no pain and will be able to hopefully keep it at bay.”


Merle Fox

“This is the only “medical facility” I enjoy coming to. Michael was great as have been everyone I’ve seen here over the years. Thank you.”


Corrine Glesne

“Shawn did an excellent job decreasing the pain in my hip.  Michael was very helpful as well.”

Kay Martin

“Everyone was wonderful ~ all staff really worked hard to make sure I got what I needed!”

Denise Glick

“You all do a wonderful job! The office is very warm and professional. The therapy folks seem to be highly committed and knowledgeable and collaborative. Shawn is extraordinary! From day 1 he listened and gave very specific guidance. He was encouraging but also challenged me when I didn’t keep up my end. I need to understand in order to learn and change and Shawn was totally helpful in explaining my condition so I can manage it well. Could not be more pleased overall and I am a tough critic.”

Kim McGuire

“Thank you for all your help. All the exercises are very helpful. All the therapists and care here is great. Everyone listens to what you need. Thanks to Mike for the help of improvement. Very appreciative.”


Tisha Clements

“The whole experience was great. Alice is a very competent, professional therapist.”

Richard Meister

“Thanks for your support in enabling me to have a better lifestyle with less pain.”

Hazel Deaver

“The therapist explained things well including my condition and how to treat it, the plan of attack, and the exercises.  I am very satisfied with my progress and with this facility.”

Rodney Kindlund

“Over the past year or so I have come here for 3 different problems at three different times with 3 different PT’s. I have always been satisfied, particularly this most recent time. I felt that it did a lot  of good.”

Charlotte Hutchinson

“Shawn and Michael were both focused on getting me better.  I appreciated the encouragement, humor and not letting me be a slacker.”

Jane Rastle

“Amira is the best!”

Melissa Campanella

“I love that you help me understand the problems and how everything is “connected.”  This info is so valuable.”

Joan Richards

“I am so pleased with the progress I have made and the education on how the shoulder can be made healthy again.”

Araminta Williams

“Excellent treatment with shoulder problem including compassion/ easy to understand instructions regarding treatment activity need to improve my treatment”

Michael Small

“Thanks for taking care of me. I felt that everyone cared about me personal. Not in a rush to get therapy session over with.”

Patty Couch

“Truly appreciated the knowledge of Shawn & Michael. Helpful to have choices for exercises to maintain self.”

Priscilla Whitney

“Amira & Michael were the most encouraging and helpful with imagery. Eg: “fill the pitcher from bottom to top” “feel as though you’re holding urine” Looking forward to “being back.”

Judy Rex

“Wonderful results- pain & swelling decreased, range of motion increased, treatment plan for home exercises and recommendations for community services/ programs to work on strength and balance”

Ashley Cagle

“Absolutely a dedicated and professional staff fully committed to my full recovery. I could never have achieved my range of motion and strength level without their ability to “Think outside the box”.”

Harry Brown

“I know there seem to be too many 4’s but really, everything was excellent! Michael and Shawn were great.”

Tom Radle

“Top notch! Thanks!”

Toby Maurer

“Thank you so much for your kind and professional treatment.”

Persis Anne Stepen

“I am so lucky to have found Mountain Physical Therapy. Every single person working in the office is outstanding. And I’m stronger than ever!”

Leah Singleton

“Excellent help. Thank you much.”

Pat Jennings

“Fine, considerate, professional care.”

Nina D'Arcy

“Both Michael and Shawn are excellent therapist. They are kind and considerate.”

Mary Thomas

“This is the best place in town to recover from any injury!”

Lenore Baum

“The care and concern for my recovery was just unbelievable ~ EVERYBODY here is top-notch; very professional and with great personality. Could not ask for a better experience.”

Bill Berdahl

“Always a positive experience.”

Anne Morgan

“I am so impressed with the care I’ve received. Amira is a great professional; she is personable and very knowledgeable. When I started the treatment my pain was interfering with my daily activities so much which prompted me to see a doctor. I was recommended to see either a neurologist or an orthopedist for injections on my back/neck; I did not like this idea. After researching on my own, I found out that physical therapy was a good option. A friend recommended Amira and after only four sessions I was pain free! Thank you Amira! You are the best!”

Luciana Suskauer

“Excellent service and care all around!”

Genelda Woggen

“I have received treatment for 2 different conditions here over the years and I’m very happy with everything about it. I definitely recommend MPT to all my friends and family.”

Julia Coward

“Shawn was very professional and very helpful. I enjoyed having him as my therapist. Everyone in the office was very kind and helpful.”

Laura Chalfin

“Very good therapy.”

Lucy Waterson

“Thanks so much to everyone. Clerical and clinical staff are all knowledgeable, very friendly and kind. Wonderful environment to come and heal in. Great experience. Thanks!”

Jill LaBelle

“I feel like a different person. Thank you so much for helping me not have a headache every day.”

Sandi Downing

“I have always looked forward to my appointments because I know each one will improve my condition. The pain in my left knee is finally gone after many years. I assumed I would have to have surgery to repair my knee so I am most grateful for this path to my healing.”

John Gustafson

Very professional all around. Everyone helps and asks if all is ok and help assist other patients if a therapist is running over from other patients. Sean, Michael, Randi, Cathy~ you are all great as well as everyone else there.”

Orlando Sotomaye

“Was very happy with treatment and results. Thank you everyone! Randi gives a great massage as well!.”

Suzy Laibson

“When I first scheduled an appt 2 months ago, I had no idea I would find relief not only from my presenting problem, but also pain I had lived with for 14 years. Shawn Babcock is consummately professional, experienced and skilled. The other staff-Randi and Cathy- ensured a pleasant, efficient visit every time. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Karina Moser

“Thank you all for the excellent care. It could not have been better.”

Elizabeth Devereaux

“Shawn was very helpful and receptive/responsive to my opinions and needs. He was very informative about treatment and very nice to work with. I would come back and recommend him to others. The office staff was very nice and professional.”

Judi Baskin

  1. “Everyone has been very professional, very helpful and courteous. Thank you.”
Celeste Palazzolo

“Thanks for getting me back on track!”

Eleanor Jones

“Shawn is a wonderful therapist. He answered all of my questions was considerate, increased my awareness of my body and how to move it without pain, increased as well my hips range of motion which allowed for more flexibility and taught me what to do to help myself. Thank you, thank you.”

Chiwa Clark

“Amira and Michael helped me a lot to get a routine to keep my ol’ 60 year old body basically pain free! Thank you so much for being so professional and friendly at the same time!”

Lisa Smith

“I felt very taken care of and got great exercises to take home and work to improve my condition on my own as well.”

Joe Baum

“I am very pleased with the overall treatment I have had here. Everyone was very professional and I appreciated that very much.”

Mary Shetley

“Extremely satisfied – professional and expert in the manner of advising on how to care for myself.”

Ken Schapira

“I experienced an amazing change in range of motion and pain reduction in a really short period of time. The exercises are practical and can be done at home or in the workplace on a continuing basis.”

Marcia Jones

“Top notch facility and people. Will not hesitate to come back if I had to.”

Wayne Britt

“The care I received at this facility was remarkable. The care was individualized versus assembly line! It felt like coming in to exercise with some friends instead of having to make it through an appointment on a day off. From the front desk through the treatment, everyone is very positive and professional ~ often going above and beyond what would be expected! Thank you for making the working and healing process FUN!”

Kathleen Rowles

“Thank you so much for the wonderful care! My ankle is completely healed and I’m back to running.”

Julie Vogl

“My experience with physical therapy has been eye-opening. The staff at Mountain PT has been wonderful, friendly, and informative. The care and instructions I’ve receive have made a major impact in my well-being. Thank you all very much.”

Kathy Rice

“I felt like Shawn was really focused on helping me with returning to my fitness goals.”

Phil Justen

“Amira- Fabulous! You really understand my sensitivity and provided exercises that were beneficial rather than harmful!”

Cheryl Sullivan

“I love you all and thank you, I feel 100% better. You not only address the issues but teach us how to maintain ourselves and our issues in the future. Total healing of body and mind.”

Diane Wright

“Everyone was very kind and friendly. Both Michael and Amira seemed very knowledgeable about the body and specifically what was needed to best help me and my particular situation. Thank you all!”

Shirley Wennagel

“I was pleased with my experience and treatment ~ detailed instructions were given to me to teach me how to heal myself. Thank you!”

Greg McCoy

“Coming here was such a wonderful experience from start to finish. Thank you all for helping me feel like myself again!”

Anna Walz

“Amira, you’re the best! Thank you very, very much for helping me get back out on the trail where I could enjoy all the awesome beauty of the forest.”

Jerilyn McMillan

“Really liked working with Amira. She was very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Swangit Kaur

“Couldn’t be happier with everyone and everything.”

Biff Spisak

“I look back at the above and it seems I need to affirm that I do have standards. I am, however, just as pleased as all “4’s” indicates.”

Bill Combs

“Did a great job! I am very pleased with treatment and staff.”

Gina Collins

“The information and professional care was outstanding. Knowing how and why I was to do certain exercises helped me understand what would change with me physical therapy. Sean, my therapist, was truly outstanding. I sincerely appreciate him never chiding me for doing something wrong. Special kudos and accolades for an outstanding, remarkable therapist. His work helped me improve my balance and strengthen my “core” muscles.”

Marcia Flinn

“Your diagnostic skills laid the strong foundation that supported treatments that were methodical, focused and powerful. Clear, thorough, instructions gave me confidence to carry through movements at home. You unlocked me and gave me a new life. Entire experience has been enjoyable and rewarding.”

Paul Llanso

“I’ve had an excellent experience with all of the staff. I only wish I had come here right after my hip surgery.”

Elmer Hall

“Learned a lot about my body. Therapists deserve nothing but a plus. Thank you.”

Ingeborg Meeke

“Shawn is attentive and he really knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t just do “cookie cutter” PT.”

Pamela Dupuis

“Thank you so much!! I appreciate everyone’s personal yet professional attention.”

Marcia Allen

“Amira and Michael have helped me so much with my back and hip. They are wonderful healers!”

Adrienne Scott-Reeves

“The treatment has given me a much better perspective of how the mechanics of my shoulders work and how to maintain and prevent injury.”

Ray Harrell

“Wonderful individual attention. Great suggestions to use for healing. Very successful experience.”

Katherine Blackburn

“I appreciate all the care I received. Everyone was so nice, friendly, and polite. It was a joy to meet everyone. Thank you for all the care. You are all very caring people.”

Peggy Ray

“I was extremely satisfied with my level of care at Mountain Physical Therapy. Thank you!”

Carlan Gordan

“Everyone was wonderful to me during my treatment. I feel more confident now to go love my life again. I know I can always count on MPTS. Thanks again.”

Amy Stout

“I appreciate the positive approach to prevention of possible future problems as well as the friendly, supportive attitude of all staff with whom I had contact.”

Nancy Schuman

“Staff as a whole was helpful and friendly.  My questions were answered satisfactorily and I gained insight and skills as a result of physical therapy.”

Naomi Hines

“Amira never rushed with me and took all of the time I needed. Staff is wonderful. Thanks for all of your help.”

Amy McElreath

“Everyone was a delight to work with. I feel I’ve made tremendous progress as far as posture and mobility go. And at present time I am pain free. Thanks for all your help.”

Judith Stancil

“Everyone was extremely pleasant.  Did not feel like I was just a patient or a number, but a friend.  Enjoyed the entire experience.”

Ron Dvoretz